Academic Units


This unit usually involves a single candidate and a mentor. The set up enables the two to collaborate. The candidate writes the report. The mentor approves the report, or requests revision. On approval, the mentor certifies the candidate, and orders the report to be hosted online. To enable this process, keep the following process documents ready to upload to AuthorCafe Pro: 1. Report template, 2. Certificate template, and 3. Approval forms (if any).

Theses and Dissertations

This unit involves a candidate and a committee of evaluators, often a Chair, a Co-chair, a Committee Member, and an External Examiner. The candidate writes the thesis/dissertation. The committee evaluates and approves, or requests revision until the candidate is ready to be advanced, and the thesis/dissertation is ready to publish. To set up the workgroup, keep the following documents ready: 1. Thesis template, 2. Approval Forms, 3. External Examiner Invitation Form, and 4. Committee Recommendation Form.

Publishing Units

Journal Articles

Create a peer-reviewed journal with AuthorCafe Pro, create sections within the journal, and assign editors section-wise. Ingest submissions to the journal. Based on article subject and type, assign an article to a section, and allocate it to editors, peer reviewers, copyeditors, and publishers, and manage visibility and permissions by stage. Configure and customise the journal website in AuthorCafe. Before setting up, keep the template for each article type and the styleguide ready to upload to AuthorCafe Pro.


Create a book project, set up chapters, and assign workgroups chapter-wise. Specify the book type - single book, part of a series, a new edition, an edited book - and manage the project. Manage each chapter independently. Compile the chapters into a book and host the book online or take an xml out to manage the print production. Keep Author and Copy-editing Guidelines ready to upload to AuthorCafe Pro. If you are setting up a new edition, keep legacy content ready to upload.



This unit can involve a team of authors that write and submit a proposal to a team of reviewers and, often, a review board. Set up the workgroup, configure the stages, permissions, and visibility for each author, reviewer, and member of the review board. If needed, set up more than one stage of review with many rounds of review within each stage. Post review, archive the proposals online for future reference. Before setting up, keep the Proposal Template Document ready to upload.